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Mike and Lisa Doguet, of Doguet’s Diamond D Ranch, started in the cattle business in 1984 with 14 Simbrah heifers and a bull on 225 acres of owned land. By 1992, I was having trouble selling Simbrah bulls, and I started looking for a breed of cattle with bulls that could be sold to the commercial cattlemen as easy as heifers and I found it with the Brangus breed. I dispersed my entire Simbrah herd and bought my first Brangus cows at the 3G Ranch dispersal. We continued to build our herd over the years trying to buy the right kind of cattle looking for moderate framed easy doing type of cattle that could make it off of grass, mineral and very little supplement. Really we were not concerned with the show ring at all, we just wanted to build a herd that could survive in a wide range of conditions from the tough South Texas country to the wetter Gulf Coast that could handle the flies and mosquitoes that we have grown accustomed to. In 2004 we were able to purchase 29 donors from the South Gate Ranch herd, and had our base herd complete. The Doguet foundation herd is built around the 804, 200, 38, 88, 820, 193 and 1019 cow family bloodlines. Also in 2004 we added Timmy Lucherk to our management team with the title of Genetics Manager. By 2006, I turned most of the breeding decisions over to Timmy with his vast knowledge of the brangus breed. I had 100% confidence in his abilities by then. In the 2004 annual Production sale we sold part interest in a calf we called DDD ‘Lights Out’ to the Johnston Family and Thomas Show Cattle which went on to be our first big show winner as the 2006 International Grand Champion Bull in the Houston Livestock Show. In 2008 a bull we called Doguet’s “Hercules” won International Grand Champion and a bull we called DDD “Toughman” won Reserve International Champion, both of which are making a huge impact in our program. This would be the first time in the Brangus breed that one ranch won both honors. For a ranch not concerned with the show ring, we were being pretty successful and continue to be up to now. Recently at the 2011 Houston Livestock Show we were the breeders of both the International Champion Open Show Female DDD Ms. Sylvia 804U27 exhibited by Thomas Show Cattle, and the Grand Champion of the Junior Brangus show DDD Ms. D’Anna, owned by the Wellman family, along with several divisions Champions throughout the 2011 major show season in Texas. We have just won the Triple Crown, which I believe, is a first for our breed. Doguet’s Hercules won the 2010 Show Sire of the Year, DDD Ms. Sylvia 804U27 won the 2010 Show Heifer of the Year and DDD Walks Alone 193W6 won the 2010 Show Bull of the Year. These cattle are moderate framed, easy doing, which has been our original philosophy. We are very excited about the future of our herd. Our philosophy has not changed as we are still trying to produce good, moderate, easy keeping cattle with cleaner sheath bulls, wider based with longevity and females that breed back on grass for the commercial rancher.

Our management team includes Eric Otto in Poteet; Matt Willey in Nome, near our headquarters in Beaumont; Mary Douglass, who keeps our records straight; and of course, Timmy Lucherk who oversees all of the activities.

 2011 IBBA Breeder of the Year

2011 IBBA Breeder of the Year

We recently sold out of the Rice Milling business and still raise turf grass on approximately 700 acres of owned land. Our operation now encompasses approximately 5,000 acres of owned and leased land in Jefferson, Atascosa and Wilson counties. We are proud to be Texan.


Mike and Lisa Doguet, Owners
Mike Cell: 409-790-0345 Mike Office: 409-866-8873
Poteet/McCoy Locations - Eric Otto: 210-834-0034
Beaumont Location - Matt Willey 409-781-7320
Genetics Consultant - Timmy Lucherk: 210-834-1247
Secretary - Mary Douglass: Cell: 210-269-3220
Email: doguetmccoy@att.net

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